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"Wiener Arbeiten zur Linguistik (WAL)"

Vienna Studies in Linguistics



Vienna Studies in Linguistics is an international, peer reviewed book series covering all domains of linguistic enquiry. It was founded in 2012 and is published by Vienna University Press.


Vienna Studies in Linguistics has a twofold agenda: on the one hand it seeks to achieve international recognition as a publication channel for high quality contributions from all fields of linguistics, and on the other hand it intends to function as an internationally visible showcase for linguistic research carried out at the University of Vienna which emerges from the cooperation of Vienna based linguists, integrates research on a large variety of languages, and reflects methodological and theoretical pluralism.


Vienna Studies in Linguistics accepts submissions in English or German. It publishes outstanding PhD dissertations and monographs as well as text books and thematically coherent collections of research articles. To guarantee highest academic standards, all submissions are subjected to double-blind peer review. With respect to collections of research articles, and responding to current trends towards integrating system-oriented, cognitive, variationist and socio-historical approaches to the study of language, the editors encourage proposals that deal with a variety of different languages and approach their common theme from a variety of different theoretical perspectives.

Wiener Arbeiten zur Linguistik (WAL)
Vienna Studies in Linguistics

edited by

Alexandra N. Lenz,
Melanie Malzahn,
Eva-Maria Remberger und
Nikolaus Ritt
University of Vienna | Universitätsring 1 | 1010 Vienna | T +43-1-4277-0